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I was out running an errand one night and someone had left a stack of books out for free; this one was sitting on top.

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Anonymous asked: Does you hair naturally grow that texture or did you get it twisted first? I'm a black guy trying to get an afro like yours and my hair grows too soft.

At first I just let my hair grow and wash it weekly while wetting it daily. later on down the path I started moisturising my hair with a shea butter conditioner as well as a coconut oil conditioner. At a certain length a daily Fro wasn’t manageable so I would get it twisted about twice a month. That really helped with the texture. If you know anything about curl patters I’m 4c but after taking out the twists it’s almost 4b for a few days just like this:

 If you’re referring to a recent post, that has been this before I de-tangled it with my fingers.

I don’t know much about hair but I hope I helped.

naos-nebu asked: Eyy, can I ask what camera and lenses you use? U got some dope photos

Thanks for the compliment.

For my digital photography I use a Canon EOS 550D (UK), T2i (USA), or Kiss X4(Japan). I personally have the Japanese model because it’s cheaper and no different. I’ve mainly been using the 18mm- 55mm kit lens but recently got the EF 50mm 1.8 II. In the past I’ve also used some analogue film lenses with an adaptor. Most of those lenses are made by Zuiko for Olymus’ OM SLR range.

My film photography is a mixture of an Olympus OM10 with a 28mm 3.5, a 50mm 1.8 and a 70mm - 210mm 3.5. I also have an Olympus Trip35 and a Polaroid SX70

None of my cameras are new and I think by now a newer Canon EOS camera would be a better pick. If you come across a single photo on your dashboard you should be able to access EXIF data by clicking the little (i) on the bottom left corner of the photo. It will show you the camera model and settings.

I hope that helps.

Isaac Hayes

—Theme from Shaft


Isaac Hayes - Theme from Shaft (1971)
Words / Music / Arrangement: Isaac Hayes
from: ”Shaft” OST